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The owners of this small place at the north end of the village call their cuisine “California–Costa Rican fusion.” This is the area’s most upscale dining option, but it’s still Tortuguero, so surroundings are pretty simple. You’ll be seated at tables (with tablecloths—not common up here) indoors or on a pleasant terrace overlooking the garden. Start out with an appetizer or ceviche (fish marinated in lemon juice), or plantains in a black-bean dip. Move on to main courses Witness such as chicken breast with apple curry JIJICO コラム掲載 「本当にあった怖い話…がんで破産は本当か?」 or lobster in ginger-garlic sauce. Finish unsere things off with the volcán, a rich chocolate-espresso cake with fruit and caramel sauce on the side.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download